► HP 5188-0131 Power supply ** FREE SHIPPING! **

► HP 5188-0131 Power supply ** FREE SHIPPING! **
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► HP 5188-0131 Power supply ** FREE SHIPPING! **
  • HP 5188-0131 Power supply.

  • This Replacement Upgrade 550 Watt power supply is Compatible with these following Models:

    ATX-300-12Z BC, ATX-300-12Z CDR, ATX-300-12ZEDR, ATX-300-12Z DDR, ATX-300-12Z BD, ATX-300-12Z CD and ATX-300-12Z CC.

    HP Pavilion P/N: 5187-6114, 5188-2625, 5188-0129, 5187-5116, 5188-0129, 5188-0131, 5189-3964 and replaces 410507-001 power supply.

    Replaces and upgrades Original 250 Watt ATX-250-12Z and ATX-300-12Z REV.: ALL

  • HP pavilion: a630n, a700y CTO, a724n, a730n, a744x, a747c, a749c Bundle, a750e CTO, a750y CTO, a752n, a762x, a767c, a775c, a785c, a805n, a810e CTO, a810y CTO, a813w, a815n, a815y CTO, a817n, a818n, a819n, a820n, a824n, a830n, a832n, a844n, a847c, a850e CTO, a850y CTO, a867c, a1050y CTO, m1171n, a1217n, a1220n, a1250n, a1253w, a1267c, a1268c, a1300la, a1310n, a1310y CTO, a1330e CTO, a1350y CTO, a1400y CTO, a1410n, a1410y, a1412n, a1419h, a1420n, a1423w, a1428x, a1430n, a1440n, a1445n, a1450n, a1467c, a1473w, a1477c, a1483w, a1487c, a1500kr, a1500la, a1501kr, a1510n, a1511kr, a1512x, a1514n, a1517x, a1519h, a1520kr, a1520n, a1520y CTO, a1523w, a1524n, a1528x, a1530e CTO, a1530n, a1532n, a1534x, a1540n, a1542n, a1547c, a1550e CTO, a1550kr, a1550y CTO, a1551kr, a1555kr, a1560kr, a1560n, a1570kr, a1571kr, a1580kr, a1587c, a1600la, a1600n, a1610n, a1612n, a1613w, a1619h, a1620e CTO, a1620n, a1620y, a1623w, a1624n, a1626n, a1630n, a1637c, a1640n, a1644x, a1647c, a1648x, a1650e CTO, a1654n, a1650y, a1657c, a1677c, a1747c, m1050e CTO, m1050y CTO, m1070n, m1072n, m1080n, m1082n, m1090n, m1095c, m1170n, m1180n, m1195c, m1270n, m1277c, m1280n, m1297c, m7340la, m7350la, SR1151NX, SR1222NX, SR1250NX, SR1318NX, SR1319RS, SR1334NX, SR1350NX, SR1639NX, SR2163WM, w5020la, w5050la, w5320la, w5330la, w5340la, w5410la, w5410la, w5510la, w5520la, w5530kr, w5530la, w5610la, w5620la, w5630la, m7250n, PU131AV, Compaq Presario SR1700Z Desktop, Presario SR1703LS Desktop , Presario SR1717LS Desktop , Presario SR1720LS Desktop, Presario SR1730T Desktop, Presario SR1730Z Desktop, Presario SR1800NX Desktop , Presario SR1803WM Desktop , Presario SR1817CL Desktop, Presario SR1820NX Desktop , Presario SR1830NX Desktop , Presario SR1834NX Desktop , Presario SR1838NX Desktop , Presario SR1850NX Desktop , Presario SR1900NX Desktop , Presario SR1900Z Desktop , Presario SR1901LS Desktop , Presario SR1903LS Desktop , Presario SR1911X Desktop , Presario SR1913WM Desktop , Presario SR1917CL Desktop , Presario SR1917LS Desktop , Presario SR1918LS Desktop, Presario SR1920LA Desktop, Presario SR1920LS Desktop, Presario SR1920NX Desktop , Presario SR1922X Desktop , Presario SR1923WM Desktop , Presario SR1924NX Desktop , Presario SR1930KR Desktop , Presario SR1930NX Desktop , Presario SR1930T Desktop , Presario SR1930Z Desktop , Presario SR1931KR Desktop , Presario SR1934NX Desktop , Presario SR1935KR Desktop , Presario SR1936X Desktop , Presario SR1950NX Desktop , Presario SR1954NX Desktop , Presario SR2000Z Desktop , Presario SR2001LS Desktop , Presario SR2001NX Desktop , Presario SR2003LS Desktop , Presario SR2005LA Desktop , Presario SR2006NX Desktop , Presario SR2011WM Desktop , Presario SR2015LA Desktop , Presario SR2017LA Desktop , Presario SR2018LA Desktop , Presario SR2020LA Desktop, Presario SR2030T Desktop , Presario SR2030Z Desktop , Presario SR2039X Desktop , Presario SR2041X Desktop , Presario SR2044NX Desktop , Presario SR2050NX Desktop , Presario SR2054X Desktop , Presario SR2101LS Desktop , Presario SR2102LS Desktop , Presario SR2104LA Desktop , Presario SR2105LA Desktop , Presario SR2115LA Desktop , Presario SR2117LA Desktop , Presario SR2118LA Desktop , Presario SR2120LA Desktop , Presario SR2120LS Desktop , Presario SR2163WM Desktop , Presario SR2170NX Desktop , Presario SR2175X Desktop , Presario SR2177CL Desktop , Presario SR2180NX Desktop , Presario SR2264WM Desktop , Presario SR5020LA Desktop , Presario SR5034X Desktop , Presario SR5050NX Desktop , Presario SR5103LS Desktop , Presario SR5117LA Desktop , Presario SR5120KR Desktop , Presario SR5160KL Desktop , VL420 and more....

  • The replacement power supply delivers more power than the original. It's a feature that will benefit, not harm your system performance.

  • Also benefits you and enables you to support more add-on peripherals like Hard Drives, Video Cards, Digital Cameras, CDRW, DVD-RW etc.

  • 550 watt ATX Power Supply (P4 Ready) Intel / AMD "Athlon XP"Vista, 7/8 7 10 Recommended Power Supply.

  • One 4 Hole Plug with two yellow and two black wires attached.
  • One (1) ATX 20/24 PIN connector Ver 2.03
  • One (1) 12V connector for P4 motherboards
  • Four (4) IDE 4 PIN connectors
  • One (1) Floppy 4 PIN connectors
  • Three (3) SATA connectors
  • One (1) PCI e 6 PIN connectors
  • ATX12V Unit - ATX Form Factor
  • MTBF >100,000 Hours
  • High Efficiency
  • Over Current Protection
  • Over Power Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • 100% Full Load Burn-In
  • UL 1950. CSA 22.2 Level 3 Requirement.

  • New 6FT power cable (INCLUDED).

    Dimensions : 6.00" X 3.25" X 5.5" (WxHxD)

  • Need help installing this power supply? Or not sure if this power supply will work with your system.

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    Full One Year Same Day Product Replacement Warranty.

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