DPS-350AB-8 A Power Supply ** FREE SHIPPING! **

DPS-350AB-8 A Power Supply ** FREE SHIPPING! **
Item# DPS-350AB-8A-400-24P
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Product Description

  • DPS-350AB-8 A Power supply.

  • Replacement Upgrade 500 watt for Delta DPS-350AB-8 A power supply.

  • Upgrade for Model #: HP-D3057F3R, HP-W351GF3, DPS-350ab a, DPS-350AB-8 A and others...

  • HP P/N: HP 5188-2625, HP 5188-2859, HP 5187-6114, HP 5188-0131, HP 5187-6116, HP 5188-0129, HP 5187-6712, HP 5188-0130.

  • Compatible with following HP models:

  • HP Media Center m7300y home PC EK464AV, EK464AVR
  • HP Media Center m7300e (CTO) home PC EK465AV, EK465AVR
  • HP Media Center m7367c home PC EL412AA, EL412AAR
  • HP Media Center m7467c home PC ER881AA, ER881AAR
  • HP Media Center m7490n home PC ER885AA, ER885AAR
  • HP Media Center m7500e CTO PC EW174AV
  • HP Media Center m7560y (CTO) home PC EW175AV
  • HP Media Center m7500y (CTO) home PC EW176AV
  • HP Pavilion d4500y (CTO) home PC EW177AV
  • HP Pavilion d4500e CTO PC EW178AV
  • HP Media Center m8000y home PC GC383AV
  • HP Media Center m8000e home PC GC384AV
  • HP Media Center m85300F home PC
  • HP Pavilion d4890y CTO home PC GC385AV
  • HP Media Center m8010y CTO home PC GG062AV
  • HP Pavilion Media Center PC m8100y (CTO) GG755AV
  • HP Media Center m8100e CTO home PC GG756AV
  • HP Pavilion d4990y CTO home PC GG757AV
  • HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9060n home PC GN584AA, GN584AAR
  • M9500Y
  • HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9000t (CTO) PC GN637AV
  • HP Pavilion d4995t (CTO) home PC GN639AV
  • HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9060la home PC (LA) GN653AA
  • HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9020kr home PC GQ489AA
  • HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9088hk home PC (AP) GQ623AA
  • HP Pavilion Elite m9090tw (Taiwan) GS188AA
  • HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9077c home PC GS211AA, GS211AAR
  • HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9160f home PC GX609AA, GX609AAR
  • HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9160la home PC GX704AA
  • HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9177c home PC GX755AA
  • HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9120kr home PC GZ659AA
  • HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9195tw home PC GZ676AA
  • HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9158hk home PC GZ758AA

  • Compaq Presario SR5380KL home PC (Asia Pacific) KC721AA

  • HP Pavilion d4996t home PC KC787AV
  • HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9000
  • HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9188hk home PC KC799AA
  • HP Pavilion Elite m9100t CTO Desktop PC KC832AV
  • HP Pavilion Elite m9100z CTO Desktop PC KC835AV
  • HP Pavilion Ultimate d4999t CTO home PC KC836AV
  • HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9150f home PC KC880AA, KC880AAR
  • HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9152p home PC KJ165AA
  • HP Pavilion Elite m9252p Desktop PC KJ294AA
  • HP Pavilion Media Center m8425f Desktop PC KJ295AA
  • HP Pavilion Elite m9260f Desktop PC KJ381AA, KJ381AAR
  • HP Pavilion Elite m9250f Desktop PC KJ382AA, KJ382AAR
  • HP Pavilion Media Center m8457c Desktop PC KJ396AA
  • HP Pavilion Elite m9200z CTO Desktop PC KL648AV
  • HP Pavilion Elite m9200t CTO Desktop PC KL649AV
  • HP Pavilion Ultimate d4999z CTO Desktop PC KL650AV
  • HP Pavilion Elite m9277c Desktop PC KN224AA
  • HP Pavilion Elite m9295tw Desktop PC KN327AA
  • HP Pavilion Elite m9500T.
  • HP Pavilion Media Center m8417c Desktop PC (AP) KQ417AA
  • HP Pavilion Ultimate d4999t CTO Desktop PC KT829AV
  • Pavilion d4100y CTO (PX181AV) PX181AV
  • Media Center m7100y CTO (PX189AV) PX189AV
  • HP Pavilion d4100e (PX191AV) CTO home PC PX191AV
  • HP Media Center m7100e (PX192AV) CTO home PCPX192AV
  • HP Media Center m7360y (CTO) home PC PY198AV, PY198AVR
  • HP Media Center m7680y home PC RB029AV
  • HP Media Center m7600e home PC RB046AV
  • HP Media Center m7600y home PC RB047AV
  • HP Pavilion d4600y home PC RB048AV
  • HP Pavilion d4650e CTO home PC RB049AV
  • HP Pavilion d4650y
  • HP Media Center m7660e home PC RF158AV
  • HP Media Center m7690e CTO home PC RF159AV
  • HP Media Center m7690y CTO home PC RF169AV
  • HP Pavilion d4650y CTO home PC RF170AV
  • HP Media Center m7790y home PC RP827AV
  • HP Media Center m7790e home PC RP828AV
  • HP Pavilion d4790y (CTO) home PC RP829A
  • HP Media Center m9500t Power supply.

  • 500 watt ATX Power Supply (P4 Ready) Celeron, Intel Core 2 Duo/AMD "Athlon XP" Vista, 7/8 & 10 Recommended Power Supply.

  • One 4 Hole Plug with two yellow and two black wires attached.
  • One (1) ATX 20/24 PIN connector Ver 2.03
  • One (1) 12V connector for P4 motherboards
  • 3 IDE 4 PIN connectors
  • One (1) Floppy 4 PIN connectors
  • 5 SATA connectors
  • ATX12V Unit - ATX Form Factor
  • MTBF >100,000 Hours
  • High Efficiency
  • Over Current Protection
  • Over Power Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • 100% Full Load Burn-In
  • UL 1950. CSA 22.2 Level 3 Requirement.

    Dimensions : 6.00" X 3.25" X 4" (WxHxD)


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    30-Day Money Back, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and No restocking fee!

    All Power supplies are inspected and tested prior to shipping.

    Full One Year Same Day Product Replacement Warranty.