► HP 5188-7520 Power Supply ** FREE SHIPPING! **

► HP 5188-7520  Power Supply **  FREE SHIPPING!  **
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Product Description

► HP 5188-7520  Power Supply **  FREE SHIPPING!  **
High Quality Original HP 5188-7520 Power Supply.

  • UPC 000051887520 HP Slimline power supply.

  • Great working condition OEM.

  • HP's Part Number: Original 5188-7520

  • Manufacturer's Model Numbe: DPS-160QB A Rev: 00F

  • AC BEL, Delta Electronics, Inc.

  • AC Input 100 - 127 V~,/ 200 - 240 V 50 - 60 Hz, 5.0A

  • DC Output +3.3V 8A, +5V 14A, +12.0V~ 12.0A, -12V~ 0.1A, +5Vs~2.0A

  • Max Power 160 Watts

  • Connectors 1x 24-pin ATX Connector 2x5-pin Serial ATA Power Connectors.

  • 5188-7520 is used in the models listed below:

  • Compaq Presario S3905F Desktop PC AU840AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3620br Desktop PC (LA) FJ454AA, FJ454AAR.

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3505f Desktop PC FJ465AA, FJ465AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3650f Desktop PC FK784AA, FK784AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3620f Desktop PC FK785AA, FK785AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3600f Desktop PC FK786AA, FK786AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3628hk Desktop PC (AP) FK944AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3600z Desktop PC (CTO) FK478AV

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3720f Desktop PC FQ567AA, FQ567AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3700f Desktop PC FQ568AA, FQ568AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3707c Desktop PC FQ578AA, FQ578AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3712f Desktop PC FQ623AA, FQ623AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3715br Desktop PC FQ641AA, FQ641AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3730br Desktop PC FQ645AA, FQ645AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3710la Desktop PC FQ665AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3720la Desktop PC FQ666AA

  • HP Pavilion s3037c Slimline home PC GB220AA, GB220AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3080d Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) GC310AA, GC310AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3060tw Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) GC325AA

  • HP Pavilion s3000y Slimline home PC GC386AV

  • HP Pavilion s3000e Slimline home PC GC387AV

  • HP Pavilion s3012n Slimline home PC GC519AA

  • HP Pavilion s3123w Slimline home PC GC659AA, GC659AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3120n Slimline home PC GC665AA, GC665AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3100e CTO Slimline home PC GG759AV

  • HP Pavilion s3127c Slimline home PC GG787AA, GG787AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3137c Slimline home PC GG058AA, GG058AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3100n Slimline home PC GJ474AA, GJ474AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3041la Slimline home PC (Latin America) GM266AA, GM266AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3122x Slimline home PC GM286AA, GM286AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3200n Slimline home PC GN566AA, GN566AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3220n Slimline home PC GN567AA, GN567AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3223w Slimline home PC GN568AA, GN568AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3245la Slimline home PC (LA) GN658AA

  • HP Pavilion s3220la Slimline home PC (LA) GN659AA, GN659AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3240la Slimline home PC (LA) GN660AA

  • HP Pavilion s3242x Slimline home PC GN712AA

  • HP Pavilion s3210la Slimline home (Latin America) GQ431AA, GQ431AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3250kr Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ496AA

  • Pavilion Slimline s3280tw (Taiwan) GS187AA

  • Pavilion Slimline s3260tw (Taiwan) GS190AA

  • HP Pavilion s3200z (CTO) Slimline home PC GS221AV

  • HP Pavilion s3241la Slimline home PC (LA) GV462AA, GV462AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3221la Slimline home PC (LA) GV333AA

  • HP Pavilion s3300f Slimline home PC GX615AA, GX615AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3320f Slimline home PC GX616AA, GX616AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3323w Slimline home PC GX628AA, GX628AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3320br Slimline home PC (LA) GX673AA

  • HP Pavilion s3310la Slimline home PC (LA) GX709AA, GX709AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3320la Slimline home PC (LA) GX711AA

  • HP Pavilion s3340ls Slimline home PC (LA) GX712AA, GX712AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3330f Slimline home PC GX754AA, GX754AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3380tw Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific GZ678AA

  • HP Pavilion s3307c Slimline home PC GZ727AA, GZ727AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3348hk Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific KC679AA

  • HP Pavilion s3300z CTO Slimline home PC KC834AV

  • HP Pavilion s3301f Slimline home PC KE553AA, KE553AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3321p Slimline home PC KE624AA, KE624AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3407c Desktop PC KJ269AA, KJ269AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3401f Desktop PC KJ308AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3421p Desktop PC KJ309AA, KJ309AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3400f CTO Slimline home PC KJ375AA, KJ375AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3400z CTO Desktop PC KL645AV

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3420f Desktop PC KN231AA, KN231AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3410la Desktop PC (LA) KN280AA, KN280AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3420la Desktop PC (LA) KN281AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3440la Desktop PC (LA) KN282AA, KN282AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3390tw Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific KN405AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3430f Desktop PC KN495AA, KN495AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3520br Desktop PC (LA) KQ261AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3500f Desktop PC KQ489AA, KQ489AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3530f Desktop PC KQ493AA, KQ493AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3507c Desktop PC KQ510AA, KQ510AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3515kr Desktop PC (AP) KT349AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3520kr Desktop PC (AP) KT351AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3521p Desktop PC KT380AA, KT380AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3528hk Desktop PC (AP) KT547AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3548hk Desktop PC (AP) KT548AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3568hk Desktop PC (AP) KT549AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3610la Desktop PC KZ796AA, KZ796AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3620la Desktop PC (LA) KZ797AA, KZ797AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3640la Desktop PC (LA) KZ798AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3500z Desktop PC KZ849AV

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3838hk Desktop PC KZ242AA

  • Pavilion Slimline s3715kr Desktop PC NC629AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3720kr Desktop PC NC630AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3728hk Desktop PC NC663AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3720y Desktop PC NC688AA, NC688AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3700y Desktop PC NC689AA, NC689AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3713w Desktop PC NC733AA, NC733AAR

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3711la Desktop PC NC755AA

    HP Pavilion Slimline s3828hk Desktop PC NC918AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3719kr Desktop PC NJ065AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3717kr Desktop PC NP098AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3727kr Desktop PC NP099AA

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3829hk Desktop PC NY668AA

  • HP Pavilion s3027c Slimline home PC RY882AA, RY882AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3020n Slimline home PC RX890AA, RX890AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3023w Slimline home PC RZ389AA, RZ389AAR

  • HP Pavilion s3020la Slimline home PC (Latin America) RZ447AA

  • HP Pavilion s3040la Slimline home PC (Latin America) RZ448AA


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